Radio Communication Options

Various methods of Radio Communications

Anyone who has been camping knows that the radios, or "walkie talkies" bought off the store shelf ("bubble pack radios"), work OK within less than a mile, but are useless past that distance, despite what the packaging says. Additionally, you may have bought readios that claim to reach "10 miles" in optimal conditions, but require a license to use. This section will help distill the types of communication options available, and their details. Types include FRS, GMRS, MURS, and even Amature "ham" radio.

FRS: Family Radio Service

The Family Radio Service is basically the type of radio service used by the above mentioned 'walkie talkies'. The FRS channels are open to all within the US without license and do not require identification. These channels also overlap with the below-mentioned GMRS channels. Power is limited to 2 watts on overlapped channels (1-7 & 15-22), but only ½ watt on FRS "designated" channels (8-14). 

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