What Is CERT Training?

The Community Emergency Response Team program (CERT) teaches residents the skills of emergency preparedness and disaster response. The goal is to have people safely help themselves, their families, and their neighborhoods after major emergencies where first responders may be delayed. The 25 hours of free training consists of classroom  learning and field hands-on training.

 CERT educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search & rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.  Training does not require above-average physical strength or agility. 

All CERT training is FREE and open to Fairfax residents or those working within 

If you are not living or working in Fairfax County, but only nearby, you may still become a CERT within our nearby CERT programs in adjacent locals. See HERE

Fairfax CERT victim actor

Fairfax CERT victim actor

Upcoming CERT Basic Training start-dates

The following dates show the 1st day of training. You must register before the required cut-off date for each event. The "CERT ###" represents your student body.  All training days must be fully attended in order to graduate.

No upcoming events.

If you can't make the current schedule clasees, or there are no upcoming dates available, you can register to receive notices of upcoming CERT trainings when they are announced!

Register for CERT future training notifications!

CERT Registration Details


Where and When Is CERT Training?

 Fairfax County CERT classes are generally held in the spring and fall at the Fire and Rescue Academy in Fairfax (the same facility where Fairfax County's firefighters train), meeting for seven classes in the evenings from 7-10:30 PM, either weekly or twice-weekly.

CERT Training for Your Group

In addition, for members of faith-based groups, workplaces, homeowners' or condo associations, and other community organizations, if you can bring together a minimum of 12 people interested in taking CERT training and can provide somewhere to train (like a clubhouse, community room, or other meeting space), we'll send CERT instructors out to you, free! If you're interested in getting CERT training for your group, please email training@fairfaxcountycert.org for more information.

Who Can Take CERT Training?

All people 18 years** or older who live, work, worship, or spend significant time in Fairfax County are eligible for CERT training. Volunteers of all abilities are welcome to participate. If you are nearby, see if your are eligible to join one of our nearby 'sister' CERTs.
**Additional training opportunities for teens are available through the Teen CERT program. For information about Teen CERT and other CERT training opportunities, please email Jeffrey Katz, Volunteer Liaison, Fairfax County Fire and Rescue.

How Do I Sign Up for CERT Training?

Signups for CERT training and volunteer opportunities are shown as scheduled above, but managed through Fairfax County's volunteer management system. To register for free CERT Training, you'll need to set up a volunteer profile:
-If you're signing up for a specific class, click on that class's listing. Otherwise, go to the "0 Interested in CERT" opportunity (ignore the "0" part). Then, click "Apply."
-Click the "New Volunteer Sign Up" button and create a profile by entering your information in the required fields. (If you already have a Fairfax County volunteer account, you can sign in with that.) 

 Register for free CERT training now! 

Does CERT Training Co$t Anything?

No! Training is Free! In addition, CERT students are given a backpack filled with disaster response and personal protective equipment, including a helmet, reflective vest, pry tool, headlamp, and more. Here is some of the provided gear: (Pictured: Reflective vest, duct tape, shears, safety whistle, glowstick, markers, gas shutoff tool, knee pads, dust mask ) 

VIDEO: How to Register for CERT

This video will show you how to register into the Fairfax Volunteer Registration systems and enroll into CERT (or other) volunteer opportunities.