What is 'CERT'?

CERT, or 'Community Emergency Response Team' training follows a FEMA curriculum, and is tailored to address potential local disasters and hazards. Training is adapted to Fairfax County emergency preparedness and response protocols. Training consists of a combination of lectures and hands-on demonstrations and drills to develop the students' skillsThis training does not require any physical strength or agility. 

We are neighbors helping neighbors!

How we're sustained

Fairfax CERT Association

You can help, whether you're a CERT or not!

While a large portion of our funding regularly comes from government budgeting and grants, we can't rely on that to cover all of our very active operations. We always appreciate help from the public, and if you're interested in donating to our cause, we have a verified 501-c3, where YOU can be the hero of our operations. The dollar can be the most powerful tool in any crisis.


When and where is the training?

Classes are held at least twice a year, and usually at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Academy. We also offer courses by request for HOAs, companies, etc. Let us know!

Who are the Trainers?

CERT training is conducted by Fairfax firefighters and other trained CERT leaders.

Who can take CERT training?

Anyone who lives or works in Fairfax County. All ages over 16 years and physical abilities are welcome!

How much does it co$t?

CERT training FREE, although we do ask for a small contribution on your first week of training to cover meal costs at graduation. You will never be asked again to pay for anything (and will actually get many free things! ;)

What will I learn?

In 25 hours of classroom and hands-on training, you'll cover:

  1. Personal & Family Preparedness
  2. Terrorism Response
  3. Fire Suppression
  4. Medical Aid & Operations
  5. Light Search & Rescue
  6. Disaster Psychology
  7. Team Organization 

... and more!

What happens after I graduate?

You will become part of a team of trained and trusted group of volunteers, sought to help during a crisis should the need arise (which it has several times even in the past couple years!). You will also be invited and eligable for additional advanced training, almost always free as well. 

Upcoming CERT TRAINING courses

If upcoming classes are scheduled, they will be listed below. Schedule shows the -start- date for the multi-day course. Visit Volunteer.FairfaxCounty.gov , or contact us to sign up to become aware of future training schedules. 

No upcoming events.